STOP trying to figure it out Yourself and Mentor Your Son through the Manhood Model™ Created for You to Lead Him! 
How will your son grow into a Man that you can be proud of one day?
Without A Clear Picture of  Manhood
The Image That He has of Himself Will Always Be Missing Something...
Empowerment Program -Transforms Decisions, Dreams, and Destinies of Young Men...
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What You'll Discover in The  Manhood Model™ 

  • A quick and easy step-by-step process that Guarantees you never make a bad decision ever again! (This alone is worth more than the heartache, stress, and worry that comes with the choices young men often make, as well as, us as adult men)
  • The clear image of manhood and the clear picture of exactly what that looks like in your life to be the leader your son desires, admires, and respects within you.
  • A four step process to Guarantee you understand your purpose and what to do everyday to experience fulfillment!
  • Why most Men sabotage their own success, never maximize their mission as a man, live a life filled with regret, and how to avoid this from being your experience.
  • The Four reasons why people stop trusting even good men and how to never lose trust from those you care about ever again.
  • A critical factor in determining the success or failure of ALL men and why most never recognize it, even though it’s something men do everyday.
  • How to maximize your time and the relationships that really matter, especially if you’re busy and life is showing no signs of slowing down. (This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes fathers make, because they don't have a step-by-step process of what to do... Until NOW!)
  • A simple step-by-step, quick, and easy to understand Model of Manhood, that produce real results, and Guarantees you become the model to follow instead of the model to stay away from. (This alone is something we ALL want for our sons)
  • And much more...
Sounds great Chris... But What Are Others Saying About The Manhood Model™ Program? 
Manhood Model™
Online Program Includes:
  • 7 Week online video program presented by Chris Cannon
  • Manhood Model™ activities after each video to ensure you achieve the happiness, confidence, and fulfillment that most men desire but rarely experience!
  • A safe place to go and ask questions you don't know the answer to, but are expected to know! (We have a community of advisors that specialize in different topics to ensure we provide you with the best answers)
  • Videos are only 8 minutes long on average, which research shows achieves the highest level of engagement and produces the best results!
  • Simple step-by-step, quick, and easy to understand results driven activities, that builds trust, respect, and relationships between fathers and sons, while equipping them with strategies they both can use and benefit from for the rest of their lives...
  • Purchase for yourself, you and your son, or as a gift for someone who can benefit from the step-by-step results that the Manhood Model™ produces!
Bonus #1 
#1 Reason Why Men Never Discover Their Purpose
Men are created to be leaders, achieve greatness in their lives, inspire others by living out the purpose for their lives, but rarely is this their experience. This Bonus video (The #1 Reason Why Men Never Discover Their Purpose) will SHOCK you, encourage you, and inspire you to greatness because you now hold a key that will unlock the prison door that most men are trapped behind!
Bonus #2 
Discover Your Mission As A Man Blueprint
Discover Your Mission As A Man truly provides a Blueprint for men to lead themselves, their families, and others around them, while experiencing fulfillment at the highest level. Getting clarity and direction as a man is where men find their primary search for meaning! Men often spend their entire lives searching for what's in this bonus alone and you're getting it FREE, because you made a smart choice to invest in the Manhood Model™ 
Bonus #3 
FREE Manhood Model™ LIFETIME Updates
We are constantly making updates to make the Manhood Model™ even better, which will naturally cause the price to increase. However, because you're purchasing today and receiving the FREE LIFETIME updates, you will receive all future updates for FREE! If you purchase something once, but got a new version every time it was updated, wouldn't you agree that this is a great investment you're making?
Limited Time Offer ONLY $97 $47- This Special Pricing Will End Soon...
  • Frequently asked questions...
  • Can mothers go through this with their sons?
  • Yes, mothers can go through the Manhood Model™ with their sons. It's designed to be a great way to get young men to open up and communicate, because most are notorious for only giving one word answers. The structure of the Manhood Model™ was designed to expand that communication and expression that most men (younger or older) struggle with. However, there are activities in weeks 3 and 6 that might cause him to be a little uncomfortable doing them with you depending on the relationship.
  • If I have a question about anything related to manhood or something specific about overcoming a challenge in life, how do I submit the question?
  • When you are logged into the private members area, there are step-by-step instructions on how to submit a question and where.
  • What if I'm hosting a conference and want to use the Manhood Model™ to keep the momentum going after the conference has ended, do you offer any group discounts?
  • Yes, we do offer special pricing on the Manhood Model™ for large and small groups. Contact our support desk by email ( and tell us a little about your event and provide your best contact information. 
  • Frequently asked questions...
  • Can men go through the Manhood Model™ if they do not have a son?
  • Yes, men can go through the Manhood Model™ if they do not have a son. This model is based on success principal designed specifically for men. Implementing these easy to understand step-by-step processes are extremely beneficial for all men. However, most men and young boys do not have good relationships with the fathers. The Manhood Model™ is a great tool to nurture, strengthen, and build those relationships regardless to what stage they're in, even if a man needs to build himself first before investing in his son. 
  • If I'm in a small group, can we all share the same login information?
  • No, you can't share the same login information if you're in a small group. One reason is because all of the activities are stored in a safe and secure place in your members area. These activities are critical to your success of maximizing the Manhood Model™ and there is no way of having multiple online activity areas in one account. 
Limited Time Offer ONLY $97 $47- This Special Pricing Will End Soon...